GPUBox Web Service is a solution that combines the possibilities of the GPUBox technology and computing power of Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). It automatically sets up and configures a GPUBox infrastructure on Amazon's instances so multiple-GPU cloud environment can be used in real time in a regular web browser without the need of having any local GPUs.

This document provides information on setting up and managing the GPU cloud environment within GPUBox Web Service. If you need more information about using GPUBox, please refer to the documentation that can be downloaded from Renegatt Software website.

Brief instruction

Step 1:
Acquire license
GPUBox Web Service requires full GPUBox license. License can be purchased on Renegatt Software website.
Step 2:
Launch Amazon AWS instances
Launch the GPU instances on your Amazon AWS account. Choose GPUBox AMI (Amazon Machine Image) to let GPUBox Web Service run correctly.
Follow the instructions from the Preparing environment on Amazon AWS section.
Step 3:
Verify the status
Once all Amazon instances are up and running verify the status of GPUBox infrastructure.
Follow the instructions from the Check the current status of GPUBox infrastructure section.
Step 4:
Your private GPUBox infrastructure is ready!
To use GPUs, you have to connect to just started GPUBox infrastructure. You can do it from one of the available desktop (link is available via GPUBox Web Service status page) or you can start your own instance.
Depends on type of your instance, if it is Windows or Linux you can use command line tool or GPUBox for Windows to allocate and then manage the GPUs.

Preparing environment on Amazon EC2

At first sight this section might seem complex, but it is just described in details. Once you are signed up on Amazon AWS, following the steps from this section will take no more than 10 minutes.

Using GPUBox Web Service on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud requires an account on Amazon AWS.

Amazon EC2 by default has limit on number of instances that user can run concurrently. The limits must be increased due to operate on greater number of GPUs.

Check the current status of GPUBox infrastructure

Before you start the GPUBox infrastructure on Amazon EC2 you have to check the current status. Click the link that you receive along with the license.

Status of GPUBox infrastructure on Amazon EC2 is not automatically reset. Before you start GPUBox instances, it is important to verify the current status of the service and reset it manually when it is required. After resetting, the status of GPUBox infrastructure must be clear.

If the status is not clear yet, click the Reset status button as follow:

GPU instances on Amazon AWS

Amazon AWS offers three types of instances with access to GPU:
Instance name GPU per instance Generation Networking Performance
g2.2xlarge 1 x GRID K520 Current High
g2.8xlarge 4 x GRID K520 Current 10 Gigabit
cg1.4xlarge 2 x Tesla M2050 Previous 10 Gigabit

The cg1.4xlarge instance type with Tesla GPUs is not accessible from every region. You can read more about previous generation instances on Amazon AWS website

Increasing limits

By default Amazon allows to run 5 instances of a particular type at the same time. To use more than 5 GPUs within GPUBox Web Service you need to increase this limit. Go to the Limits section in the EC2 Management Console. Find the limit that you want to increase, use the Request limit increase link and follow the instructions.

Configuring Security Groups

GPUBox Web Service requires two security rules in order to work properly:
# Type Protocol Range Source
1 All TCP TCP 0 - 65535 <Your IP>
2 All traffic TCP All <Security Group>
The first rule allows your system to configure the instances remotely. The second rule enables the instances to communicate with each other properly.

You can either edit the default security group and use it for your instances or create a new group. Both ways are described in the sections below.

Edit default Security Group (Option 1.)

Log in to your Amazon AWS account and go to the EC2 section.

Open the Security Groups section, select the default Security Group, open the Inbound tab and press the Edit button.

Press the Add Rule button, select the All TCP option as Type and My IP as Source. After that, save the changes with the Save button.

Create new Security Group (Option 2.)

Open the Security Groups section and press the Create Security Group button.

Set your Security gruop name and Description. Press the Add Rule button, select All TCP as Type and My IP as Source. After that, create the Security Group with the Create button.

Once the new Security Group is created you can add the second rule. Select the new Security Group, open the Inbound tab and press the Edit button.

Press the Add Rule button. Select the All traffic option as Type. Now you can either paste the Group ID of your Security Group or start typing its name and select it from the suggestions to fill the Source field automatically. At the end, save the changes by pressing the Save button.

Running and configuring instances

Amazon Machine Image with preconfigured GPUBox is provided by Renegatt Software.

Go to AMI and change the filter to Private images, click right mouse button on the recent GPUBox AMI and select Launch option. Select GPU instances from the list of instance types.

Mark the g2.2xlarge or g2.8xlarge instance type. If you want to use the cg1.4xlarge instances, you need set the generation filter to All generations. Once you choose the instance type, press the Next:Configure Instance Details to move to the next section.

Enter the Number of instances you want to launch. Select the New placement group option and enter the name of your new placement group. At this step you can optionally decide to request Spot Instances. There is no need to change anything in sections 4. Add Storage and 5. Tag Instance, so you can move to the 6. Configure Security Groups section.

It is extremely important to copy and then paste your license into User data in Advanced details section while you create instance.
The license format is exactly the same as for OServer configuration file.

Additionally you can provide option oserver_license_operation="save" to save the license onto the disk , however the image must be recreated afterward to preserve the setup. Next start of the new created AMI will not require to enter the license details.

Choose the Select an existing security group option. Select the Security Group that you have configured before (in the Configuring Security Groups section). At the end, press the Review and Launch button.

You can review the configuration summary for your instances before pressing the Launch button.

On the pop-up window select the Create a new key pair option and enter Key pair name. Then download your *.pem file by pressing the Download Key Pair option. Check the option "I acknowledge that I have access to the selected private key file (gpubox-key.pem), and that without this file, I won't be able to log into my instance." abd end use the Launch Instances button.

Once your instances are launched, your GPUBox infrastructure is ready to use. To verify if all components are up and running you have to check the service status via the link you received in email.

Your instances will be ready to use then the 2/2 checks passed status appears in the Status Checks column.
GPUBox Web Service will not work on the instances in the Initializing... status!

End User License Agreement

GPUBox - Web Service Edition
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2.1. Subject to the terms and conditions of this EULA, Renegatt grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable License to use the Software in executable code form only in accordance with the License Type for the time resulting from number of obtained GPUHours for which You have paid the applicable fees.
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